For adults, martial arts classes provide a fun and challenging exercise routine and offer a great alternative to traditional gym workouts. Our classes build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, and foster an overall sense of well-being. Regardless of whether you want to become a competitive athlete, learn self-defense techniques or simply become more physically fit, this program will help you achieve your goal. You develop increased endurance and muscle tone, improve balance, quicker reflexes, and most importantly, a greater sense of well-being. Keep in mind that no previous experience is required. And if you do have some experience in martial arts, this program is a great place to rediscover the many benefits of martial arts training.

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Our after school program channels after school energy into a positive, productive afternoon of fun activities, home work and quality martial arts training. Our program provides for a safe space for your child from the time they get out of school until you get off work. A great alternative to day care!

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For children, Martial Arts builds their self-defense and motor skills. They will also show improvement in social and intellectual skills. Martial Arts students will increase their flexibility, balance, and will dramatically improve their self-esteem and confidence. Listening skills, attention span and ability to follow directions will all improve, contributing to higher academic achievement. Martial Arts will instill powerful life skills that will give our students an edge that will last a lifetime. Children learn the value of setting goals and how to develop the perseverance and self discipline to achieve them.

Riverview Kids Summer Camp

Our Full day summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to have summer fun while practicing Tae Kwon Do and doing a variety of other activities. Students will return to school after an active summer with visible progress and accomplishments of which they can be proud of. Give your child a summer filled with fun, fitness and friends! Our summer program runs all summer long and includes martial arts classes three days per week.

Full day: 7:30 am - 6pm

Ages 5-12 Monday - Friday No martial arts experience necessary! (Camp closed July 4th))

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Sparring requires you to use every one of your attributes - forcing you to sharpen your skills and practice things like the controlling distance, timing, speed, agility and focus as well as cardiovascular and muscle endurance to name just a few. Sparring will help you develop a greater understanding and application of the following skills: •Distance - How to control the distance between you and your partner. •Rhythm - How to break your opponents rhythm. •Timing - How to judge the timing of your opponent and know when to hit. •Combinations - How to land combinations whilst your partner moves forwards, backwards and tries to counter. •Footwork - How to move in, out and to the sides to strike or evade a punch. •Speed - You will learn how to use your speed to hit your opponent before they can block, as well as move quickly out the way of a strike. •Balance - You will learn to control your balance and center of gravity whilst in a fighting motion. •Reaction - You will improve your reaction times. •Focus - You will be forced to keep focus and concentrate on the fight without distractions. The second you switch off you will know about it! •Cardiovascular - Your fitness levels will have to adapt and will improve. •Muscular endurance - Your endurance and stamina will have to adapt and will improve. •Conditioning - You will learn to get hit and carry on.

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